Passport to the Natural Areas

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To complete your Natural Areas 20th Anniversary Passport do at least three out of the six activities listed. Submit it in before November 15 and receive a prize and get entered into a drawing for a backpack filled with outdoor supplies.

Visit for current events and activities, volunteer opportunities, journal entries, and the Natural Areas Map, which includes locations and types of recreation.
Please provide your contact information.
Challenge yourself to visit 20 natural areas!
1. Can't get to that many? Go to at least three and check the ones you went to.
Keep track of your visits in the box below and set a goal for 20 times!

Attend an event or activity offered by the Natural Areas Department.

For a list of events and activities visit the website or pick up a copy of Tracks & Trails at all natural area kiosks and many local businesses.

Participate in a natural areas volunteer project.
6. Submit a written story or a photograph about your experiences on a natural area.

Submit as many as you like.
8. What type of recreator are you?